For most of January I continued working away at more background revamps. Similar to last month’s dev blog, I shared some in progress images, though for the following backgrounds I want to show a bit of a before and after first:

BEFORE (River jungle)


BEFORE (Graveyard at night)


For the first background I did a similar style of blocking where I grabbed some reference images and drew some shapes in to make the environment a bit more interesting. Definitely loved working on the waterfall for this one and getting that water spray effect just right:

In the graveyard background, I changed some things quite dramatically to make it a bit darker. My main point of reference were photos of the Paraguayan Chaco at night where certain roads can really look pitch black.

I didn’t make use of as many images in the background itself like the others, but doing this initial color blocking felt quite nice.

I’ve also started working on revamping the next background which is where the fox-wolf mech is situated. The main thing here is that the time of day changed narratively, so you actually access it in the middle of the day vs at night (which is also why I wanted the mech to be more visible in the previous graveyard background).

On other development notes…

I’ve been doing a bit more gameplay research for the mech route, which up until now has been a weird blend of dungeon crawler and first person exploration game. It’s been tough trying to figure out how to approach it since I definitely don’t want it to be a “mech simulator”. I mostly watched videos on YouTube and searched games on itch to see what people have been cooking up, until I finally realized I was basically (and accidentally) recreating Myst. Which is very funny to me, because I still haven’t gotten around to playing it! Regardless, I’ve found some other examples as well (like Legend of Etad and Shining Darkness) which make use of some interesting camera/dungeon crawler mechanics.

With backgrounds being closed to wrapped up, the next thing I’m going to be focusing on will be re-doing some of the UI and character profile art for the game, and also start sketching out some more cutscene art. Lots of stuff going on visually.

See ya next month!



This will be more of a routine update than anything else (with some bonus art updates). I took the holidays off and am only easing back into C3R stuff this week.

With the narrative script being wrapped up to be revised, I’m now switching gears to get some more art assets done, the bulk which will be re-doing some existing assets to polish them up.

First up in the revision queue are some of the backgrounds I made for Rebel’s route. I don’t totally hate the old ones, but because the art style changed a bit I want to make sure everything is fairly cohesive. It won’t be too much of a dramatic upgrade but it will also help to get everything drawn with the same palettes/brushes (I switched to Clip Studio Paint halfway through making some of this art).

Thought it would be neat how I go about blocking out backgrounds. I don’t always do it this way but since Rebel’s BGs very heavily reference some Paraguayan rural backdrops it’ll be very helpful.

Hmm, maybe it will be a bit more dramatic than what I initially thought.

Still have some finishing touches left to go but this is generally how I plan to revamp some of the older backgrounds and rely more on references to make them more interesting. Excited to see how this goes and I’ll be sharing more of those backgrounds next month!



Hello! You’re reading the first monthly “newsletter” for the project cybeRRRevolution. This will hopefully serve as a place for general updates about the projects development including demo availability, release dates, showcases, and more!

Why a monthly blog/newsletter? Why now?

The short version is Patreon just wasn’t working out to share project updates and it was a time sink that just wasn’t worth the effort.

The longer version is that for a while I relied a lot on Patreon as the only way to share project updates and works-in-progress, which really impacted how I view my work. I wanted to pivot to something more public and open to not put everything I’m working on behind a paywall. Of course, Patreon income definitely did help with some admin and development costs, but it was time to bring it to a close to do this.

What’s up with cybeRRRevolution?

Development is still continuing though since we are at the end of 2022, the release date is still TBD into 2023. cybeRRRevolution is a weird challenging project that other collaborators and I can only devote part-time to, so there’s not too much of a rush to get this out the door, though fingers-crossed 2023 is The Year but I don’t want to put a specific release date on this until it makes sense to do so.

That being said, here’s some general progress the project made in 2022:

  • Wrapped up visuals/cutscenes for each story route’s introductory sequence
  • Storyboarded the ending sequences for each story route
  • Began work on the game’s narrative script, of which I recently finished draft 1

The last couple of months in particular have been very intensive in narrative writing, and reading “material” I felt was thematically relevant to the game (Ursula Le Guin’s Rocannon’s World/Planet of Exile/City of Illusions, as well as theory like Wretched of the Earth).

What’s next?

More writing, and most likely switching gears to make more art! Future newsletter/blog updates will vary in terms of image vs text content, but I’ll try to keep it varied and interesting. In the meantime, I’ll be in your inbox/brain once a month and that’s it!


…And stay tuned for January updates!



Script word count: 10,215
Cutscene drawings made: 37