Recover, Reconnect, Rebuild.

Destroy the systems holding you down to achieve glory and justice.

cybeRRRevolution también será lanzado en Español Latinoamericano. Otros idiomas como Portugues Brasileño y Guaraní serán considerados. Recomendamos leer esta página web usando el plug-in de Google Translate. Preguntas sobre idiomas o localización:

What is “cybeRRRevolution”?

cybeRRRevolution (cyber-R-revolution) is an action-adventure game about bartering with monsters, piloting godly mechas, and taking down bandits to secure a prosperous future for a fragmented nation in a post-war reality. Play as Sepsis, Rebel, or Barrett, each working toward a common goal of Recovery, Reconnection, and Rebuild.


  1. 10 years have passed since the catalyst event that changed the world — The Synthetic Wars. SEPSIS and SPLINT, the last remaining veteran pilots of this conflict, head out to the scorched battlefield once more to retrieve their comrade’s fallen unit–and perhaps recover the land that was once theirs.

LOCATION: The hidden community of YGEA


2. A traveler by the name of REBEL wakes up in an unknown town with a splitting headache and a mysterious augmentation implanted on their skull. With nothing but a letter and vague recollection of their past, they befriend the local inhabitants, who also happen to be monsters, to find out more about this foreign implant.

LOCATION: The secluded town of CAPY’I


3. War veteran BARRETT would love nothing more but to retire from fighting, but that is interrupted when local militias report enemy remnants restarting their operations in the vast desert. She sets out to crush the enemy one last time.

LOCATION: The border outpost of KOKUE


cybeRRRevolution came about as a research of Indigenous Futurisms and Indigenous Cyberpunk and its use in worldbuilding and expressions of Indigenous autonomy and self-determination. 

cybeRRRevolution’s creative director, SANTO, has previously written on this subject, which also serves as this project’s backdrop:

In thinking about Indigenous Futurisms, combined with the centuries of global struggles shared by Indigenous peoples, it only makes sense to completely dismantle the cyberpunk lens into something distinctly Indigenous. Where “cyber” stands for advanced technologies and “punk” is a mode of resistance, Indigenous Cyberpunk seeks to combine Indigenous technology, ancestral and modern, with the call to employ this technology for healing and pushing back against colonialism.

Indigenous Cyberpunk is a wide spectrum of styles, expressions, and methods, reflective of the Indigenous experience. Elements such as electrical currents, internet, and other more common examples of technology are not mandatory in order to define Indigenous Cyberpunk, as it is sovereign and autonomous, acknowledging that Indigenous peoples have had complex systems and ways of approaching technology for thousands of years. The goal is to adapt cyberpunk to Indigenous needs and conventions, rather than the other way around.

While cybeRRRevolution exists in an alternate reality, it is closely based on Guarani customs and traditions, particularly of the communities that live throughout so-called Brazil and Paraguay, with physical locations also being inspired by the jungle, wetland, and arid Chaco regions.

cybeRRRevolution is also inspired by older modes of gameplay that focus on an arcade-style offering of character paths and mechanics that vary with the narrative and tone of the game.

This project is made possible by support from the Ontario Arts Council.

What can you do in this game?

  • Play as three distinct characters, each with their own unique goals and gameplay mechanics:
    • SEPSIS, veteran pilot seeking to recover an important relic and comrade–styled as a dungeon crawler with 3D puzzle mechanics.
    • REBEL, an amnesiac wanderer seeking a doctor who can properly hack the implant on their head. Styled as an adventure game with dialogue mechanics and an item bartering system which uncovers new dialogue options.
    • BARRETT, a retired sharpshooter setting out to extinguish an old enemy. Styled as a side-scrolling action game.
  • Enjoy the stylings of TV-MA and The Nexus Rasp’s synth-infused soundtrack
  • Explore a world built from the ground up using meaningful characterization and critical worldbuilding.

Environments by Kaloy Feliciano


Santo – Creative Director

Liesl A. – Narrative Design

Kaloy Feliciano– Layout artist

Therisse Amunatigui “TV-MA” – Soundtrack

Julian McAllister “The Nexus Rasp” – Soundtrack

Manuel Marcano – Programming

Jackson Tyler – Script Revisions/Production Assistant

Media/News Coverage

Unlocking the Indigenous toolkit for breaking free from colonialism – APTN

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