Reconnect, retrieve, rebuild

Destroy the systems holding you down to achieve glory and justice.




cybeRRRevolution Story paths

Achieve glory on the battlefield, SEPSIS, and we will honor the ancestors once more.

  1. 10 years have passed since the catalyst event that changed the world — The Synthetic Wars. SEPSIS and SPLINT, the last remaining veteran pilots of this conflict, head out to the scorched battlefield once more to retrieve their comrade’s fallen unit–and perhaps recover the land that was once theirs.

2. A traveler by the name of REBEL wakes up in an unknown town with a splitting headache and a mysterious augmentation implanted on their skull. With nothing but a letter and vague recollection of their past, they befriend the local inhabitants, who also happen to be monsters, to find out more about this foreign implant.

3. War veteran BARRETT would love nothing more but to retire from fighting, but that is interrupted when local militias report enemy remnants restarting their operations in the vast desert. She sets out to crush the enemy one last time.

What is “cybeRRRevolution”?

cybeRRRevolution is an Indigenous cyberpunk adventure about Indigenous self-determination in a post-war, post-colonialism world.

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