Reconnect, retrieve, rebuild

Destroy the systems holding you down to achieve glory and justice.


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Two pilots, SEPSIS and SPLINT, venture into a former war zone to retrieve a stolen artifact.


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cybeRRRevolution Story 01: SIDE SEPSIS

Achieve glory on the battlefield, SEPSIS, and we will honor the ancestors once more.

10 years have passed since the catalyst event that changed the world — The Synthetic Wars. SEPSIS and SPLINT, the last remaining veteran pilots of this conflict, head out to the scorched battlefield once more to retrieve their comrade’s fallen unit–and perhaps recover the land that was once theirs.

Decode coordinates

In order to advance in the map, you must pay close attention to your surroundings and what your co-pilot in the sky tells you, as they can see where you cannot.

Walk like a god

The “PHANTOM” units are the size of mountains and move like titans across land.

Solve puzzles

War has taken its toll on the terrain as well as your machine. Stop to reconfigure it to continue along your path.

PHANTOMS are semi-autonomous machines originally built for competitive fighting, later re-modeled to fight colonizers.

What is “cybeRRRevolution”?

cybeRRRevolution is an Indigenous cyberpunk anthology divided into three distinct story paths, starting with SEPSIS and the story of two mech pilots. Each episode takes place in the same world and carries themes of Indigenous sovereignty and Indigenous futurisms.

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