A bit of a slower month between March and now because I took all of April off from my dayjob to, for the mostpart, relax while working on game stuff in between.

I’ve been going back to the narrative script to polish up BARRETT’s route and add more writing in, so now the word count has gone from just over 10k to 13.5k. Not that I’m aiming for a specific word count, but if I can hit about 15k I’ll be pretty satisfied, especially since it’s already the longest thing I’ve ever written in general.

On the art side of things, I haven’t been doing anything too extensive but I’ve started to test some of the newer backgrounds in the game build to make sure they scale correctly:

So far so good! The character sprites will also be updated a bit just to match with the lighting of each background (and Rebel’s sprite will be updated to better match their updated colors).

At the same time I’ve started chipping away at some storyboards for the closing cutscenes, though I’m not in an immediate rush to get this too finalized yet. I’ll probably wait until the demo is fully built out to continue working on this:

Here are the remaining milestones for the month!

  • Finalize BARRETT’s script
  • Start remaining UI/art revisions
  • Re-visit demo release schedule (probably closer to June than May)

Until then, see you next month!

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