From end of February to early March it was a bit quieter since I was on vacation, but here are some things I’ve been working on.

First off, I was able to finish revamping all remaining backgrounds for Rebel’s route! This means the bulk of art tasks are done, and the next step will be to go through some of the UI elements and see what can be updated (like character profile art).



The biggest change with this one was definitely in going from night to day to adjust when the scenes in this area actually take place, as well as changing the perspective a bit.



I made more of a close reference here to the wetlands in Paraguay, as well as switching up the palette a bit so it’s a bit easier to tell that it’s early morning/dawn.



Again, switched up the palette a bit after closely referencing some images of the Paraguayan chaco, as well as making it more detailed and easier to see.

On the game design side of things…

I’m still exploring and studying some games, in particular for Sepsis’ route which involves puzzle elements to see how they can be made more interesting and intuitive. Last time I mentioned studying Myst, but recently I remembered GNOG exists, which is definitely a more laid-back style that I’m hoping to go with. The puzzles in Sepsis’ route are meant to be intuitive in the sense that the player should be able to solve it by using “common sense” or hints within the puzzle itself. Obviously easier said than done but it’s definitely going to be fun to figure out.

The focus for the rest of March and into April will be to do more revisions to the narrative script and fill out some more areas of dialogue.

Thanks for reading and more updates to come next month!

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