This will be more of a routine update than anything else (with some bonus art updates). I took the holidays off and am only easing back into C3R stuff this week.

With the narrative script being wrapped up to be revised, I’m now switching gears to get some more art assets done, the bulk which will be re-doing some existing assets to polish them up.

First up in the revision queue are some of the backgrounds I made for Rebel’s route. I don’t totally hate the old ones, but because the art style changed a bit I want to make sure everything is fairly cohesive. It won’t be too much of a dramatic upgrade but it will also help to get everything drawn with the same palettes/brushes (I switched to Clip Studio Paint halfway through making some of this art).

Thought it would be neat how I go about blocking out backgrounds. I don’t always do it this way but since Rebel’s BGs very heavily reference some Paraguayan rural backdrops it’ll be very helpful.

Hmm, maybe it will be a bit more dramatic than what I initially thought.

Still have some finishing touches left to go but this is generally how I plan to revamp some of the older backgrounds and rely more on references to make them more interesting. Excited to see how this goes and I’ll be sharing more of those backgrounds next month!

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